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You don't make it in manufacturing unless you’re tough and committed. Tough on quality, tough on reliability, tough as nails. This is the reason why Otter have progressed from being regional Victorian-based manufacturers to Australia’s largest combined national suppliers of common nails and screws.

Being tough on quality means we at OTTER® set high standards to provide:
  • Exceptional customer service & support
  • Products that meet or exceed Australian standards
  • Experienced & knowledgeable staff
  • Award-winning re-usable & recyclable packaging
  • Consumer friendly merchandising materials

Being tough on reliability means the OTTER® reputation stands for reliability:
  • A history and focus on consistent supply rates
  • Achievement of service delivery targets, in-full and on-time
  • A determination to exceed customer expectations
  • Ongoing support of retailers and specialist outlets
  • A focus on strong business relationships

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