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We've been helping hold Australia together for generations. Starting with our very first common nail manufactured in 1963 right up to the latest 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel decking nails, OTTER® have the right nail for your job.

We manufacture and market an extensive range of common (loose) and collated (gun) nails to suit every application. Our nails range in size from 12mm to 250mm in length and from 1.00mm to 9.00mm in shank diameter. Common nails are manufactured using hardened nail wire and are available in a range of pack sizes to suit households, D.I.Y's and the trade. Our local market knowledge means we also offer a range of specialty products; silicon bronze nails and a range of copper nails. All nails are manufactured to Australian Standards and we are able to quote on OEM products (Original equipment manufacture) or source by request.

Award-winning packaging*
Otter nails are packaged in carefully designed, customer friendly reusable blister packs, tubs and buckets with easy to read labelling. Packs are colour coded for easy identification and to create impact at point of sale. Plus, to help the environment, packs are resealable and fully recyclable.

* Silver Star. National Packaging Competition, Packaging Council of Australia.
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