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From small repairs to major constructions, if it needs to be screw fixed tight, the Otter Group has an excellent reputation of supplying just the right range of screws. We supply a broad range of loose and collated screws from 12mm to 175mm in length with screw shanks ranging in size from 4 gauge to 14 gauge in diameter.

Otter also have an extensive range of screw types with a variety of coatings specifically designed to suit internal and external applications. All screws are manufactured to Australian Standards and come in a variety of pack sizes to suit households, D.I.Y's and the trade.

Otter screws are packaged in carefully designed, customer friendly reusable blister packs, tubs and buckets with easy to read labelling. Packs are colour coded for easy identification and to create impact at point of sale. Plus, to help the environment, packs are resealable and fully recyclable.
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